The Short Life of Mr. B. Pumpkin

by - October 30, 2015

Only the knife knows what goes on in the heart of a pumpkin.
Simone Schwarz-Bart

'Twas the night before Halloween, Mr. B. Pumpkin was quietly sitting in his garden nipping on a carrot. His neighbour, Doc, came out holding a big knife. "What's up, Doc?", Mr. B. Pumpkin asked. "Nothing. Nothing", answered  Doc as usual. "Why you're holding a big knife?", Mr. B. Pumpkin asked. "Oh, nothing, nothing", Doc answered yet again. "Why you're pointing the big knife at me?", Mr. B. Pumpkin asked. Doc smiled, "You know what day it is tomorrow?". "Saturday!", Mr. B. Pumpkin answered confidently. "Yes", Doc answered, "and Halloween. Do you know, Mr. B. Pumpkin, what people do to celebrate Halloween?". "They go door to door asking for sweets. I've already filled a big bucket full of carrots!", Mr. B. Pumpkin answered enthusiastically. "Indeed", Doc said "and to celebrate Halloween people hollow out pumpkins, carve faces in them and put lights into their bodies as a way of decoration". Mr. B. Pumpkin's eyes widened. He swallowed and hesitated for a moment before reacting. "Oh really", he said unsure. "Yes", Doc answered, "and this year I'm planning on something special". Doc held the knife tighter in his hand, put it above Mr. B. Pumpkin's head and...

...Chop, chop!

The children of Doc we're ecstatic when he came home. "Now we're sure going to win the Best Pumpkin of the Year-award!", one said of them smiling. "Thank you, daddy", the other said while grasping for the pumpkin.

No One ever heard of Mr. B. Pumpkin again. Many have come to his door, only to find a bucket filled with carrots standing outside, next to a sign saying 'Happy Halloween!'.

The End.


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