by - May 17, 2014

I've been for a while now planning an upcoming series *ahum ahum* about style and whatsoever, because the whole thing fascinates me, and I can assure you many others do so too -maybe even you (if so, leave a comment behind)... So that's a little insight of something that you might see in the near future (like all those promises I've made during "The French Files"). However, one debate has found its final conclusion: Which Olsen Twin am I? Well, thanks to Who What Wear I know it for sure.

Although I'd like to think I'm a mixture between the two. Depends on the day. Oh gosh, I love the Olsen twin! You know that question (besides the one asked/answered above) which famous peoples wardrobe do you want to own? I must say that the Olsens (which I'll just morph into one big closet) stands high on the list. Have you seen them? Walking and talking and being and existing?? A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. Ever since I was a young girl, back in primary school and all, I desired to share a closet with them. I had this really long wavy skirt in a sort of faded purple with a small flower pattern from our local outlet store, and I'd wear it with a simple white tshirt, a black blazer, red lips, a lot of mascara with black liner and the biggest "vintage" (thrifted) sunglasses I could find. I was ten. But looked fabulous (or so I thought) and I remember just absolutely feeling the Olsen-vibe (ya'll know which vibe I mean). Even so, the first real expensive/precious book I've gotten was their book as a birthday gift from my parents. I'm still totally in love with it. I'm still totally in love with them. The only down side to sharing a closet with them would be that they're so petite. And I'm not... maybe I'll fit into their oversized stuff... as if they'd share a closet with me... *sigh*

Nowadays I still take a lot of inspiration out of their being (red. not only fashion wise, as to be followed by me mentioning something I've been aspired to do by them fashion wise). I'd like to follow up this quote by Mary-Kate:

"When I get dressed, I think of it as dress-up time, like the clothes are costume pieces. That's why I like vintage-it has a story behind it. I'm not afraid of walking down the street in something that people think is crazy. What I can't stand is looking like everybody else."

You say it gal! So what else to do than to compose an appreciation post in honor of these two fabulous birds. Nothing, really. Nothing can compare to their greatness. Except for this post naturally. Which is like a good eff.

In other news: Have ya'll seen the Cruise Collection 2014/2015 by Chanel. I loved it! When I was a kid I was obsessed by this picture of a girl from the 70's with exactly that kind of puffy curly hair with a baret and a purple glitter star painted over one eye and yeah... I liked the whole vibe of the show and La Lagerfeld said it was inspired by old oriental culture, but I certainly thought it was quite futuristic 60's/70's chic. The models look at first sight like innocent souls, but they also had something empowering over them. Maybe because of their firm walk. But I wouldn't necessarily define this show as "oriental beauty", because it all still felt really European. Or Chanel, if you'd like. And I guess that's a good thing, because it is Chanel. Also I absolutely love the half moon thing in their hair (and naturally the full moon cc's) and the prints and yeah.. it was classy but still quite casual (as been demonstrated by previous Chanel shows) if ya know what I mean.


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