by - May 14, 2014

A 10 step guide on looking fabulous while solving a murder:

1. Blouses with a front bow.
2. Pencil skirts.
3. A pair of "Casual Friday" trousers.
4. Matching blazers.
5. For when it's cold: jumpers (preferably white or blue with a cable knit).
6. Statement detective trenchcoat.
7. Don't let diamonds fool ya, pearls are a girls best friend.
8. A good pair of loafers and a pair of monochrome coloured sneakers (and a casual classy heel for nights out. While naturally trying to figure out who've killed the victim).
9. Something in crayon pink, mint green and something with a flower and/or plaid motif.
10. And last but not least: Finding out who did it, why he/she did it, how he/she did it and that all leading into a confronting scene, putting the killer on the spot who admits everything, which makes you look very clever... while also looking fabulous thanks to these 10 step guide (it's part of a visual circle).

There ain't no party when there ain't no Jessie B. And naturally dead bodies flying around and a mystery to solve while looking classy and sophisticated while also being a nice person... So this might be the perfect time to sprinkle a bit of Jessie B around (not literally) in the hope it might inspire you (me) to dress up and solve murder mysteries and write books about them while looking a-m-a-z-i-n-g and just be generally awesome like mrs. F.

If you want to have outfits worn by Jessica dissected piece for piece, I'd suggest ya'll to go and look at this blog with fashion tips and life lessons learned by the one and only, Cabot Cove's most famous writer! For example:

"Fashion Tip learned :
If you need to look extra elegant, monochromatic outfits are the way to go, especially if you are choosing the darker shades of your favourite colour.

Life Lesson learned :
If someone patronises you, just politely put them back in their place, all whilst beaming with the friendliest smile you have!"

Ain't that just grand?!


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