by - May 19, 2014

There's nothing like a tshirt! A tshirt is one of those staple items everyone possess regardless of being a he or a she. However, it all started for the he as an undergarment (rule #1: it ain't no classic when it ain't originally his -hereby talking shape, fit or just the whole thing), which in 1899 became an official part of the outfit worn by the US Navy (rule #2: it ain't no classic when it ain't from the military). It didn't took long before athletes discovered the comfort of the tee and started to integrate it into their uniform (rule #3: it ain't no classic when it ain't been discovered/interpreted by the athletes).

As may be deducted from the name, the tshirt is called a tshirt because it's shaped as a T (rule #4: it ain't no classic when it ain't got an obvious/easy name). The word tshirt was first included in the American dictionary in 1920 and has since extensive its stay abroad.

In 1944 the tshirt became popular in Europe thanks to the American soldiers. In addition, the tshirt found its fame in the spotlights of Hollywood. I'll name drop among others Marlon Brando and naturally James Dean (rule #5: it ain't no classic when it ain't been worn by classics). The tshirt has since become a symbol of rebellion, relaxation and "casual Friday". As said before, it doesn't matter if you're a girl, a boy or anything inbetween, because the tshirt is there for everbody. It doesn't matter from which social class you come from, because the tshirt has covered all grounds.

The Karl Lagerfeld store is that kind of store you dress up for. This is what I wore: top/skirt/jacket = Vanilia, belt = InWear, shoes/tights = H&M, bag = thrift store.

Ya'll might know by now that Chanel is the love of my life and Karl my darling pet. So when my dad opted the opportunity for me to get a tshirt from the Karl Lagerfeld Store, I naturally anticipated on it like bees on honey (aka I went mad!). My dad, mum and I went to Amsterdam together to get the shirt. Which isn't something that happens on a daily basis and thus initself a special moment.

We went by train at the end of the afternoon and I've never been into town at that point of time. So, that was... interesting (scary! There was a demonstration and a fair and it was really busy. People everywhere!). We went to the Hartenstraat, where the Karl Lagerfeld Store is located (in Amsterdam that is atleast), and the shopassistent recognized us from when we went there when I got my book signed by Todd Selby. My dad had then said to him "We'll be back" and so we were. It's quite incredible that he still remembered us!

The tshirt I saw back then and really wanted (but hey, take a look at those numbers on the pricetag), wasn't there in the store anymore. Atleast, not hanging in the racks. So I asked a girl (who's working there. I'm not just randomly asking girls about tshirts, okay?) if they still had any, but she thought they hadn't. Then the guy asked "what shirt?", so I described it to him. And he said "wait a minute" and began to look under the desk and tada he hold up the last one in my size! As if it was meant to be! It was very exciting, as you might understand...

Pictures depicted above from my Instagram... Boom shakalaka!

And I must say, the tshirt is amazing! The fabric is oh so soft! And it looks like beautiful with everything! And I can't get enough of it! I want to wear it every day! I can wear it every day! Exclamation mark!

Me wearing the tee while not trying to drool on it. I'm wearing my Karl Lagerfeld tee *surprise surprise*, a Vanilia jacket, a Hema pencil skirt and naturally my trusty H&M shoes.

The people in the store were very nice and helpful (and not snobby, which you often get when walking into "expensive" stores. Like, I've saved up for this for months, I deserve to get your attention!). The only downside is that when you look around, you see loads of different stuff that you've got to put on the list of I'm broke at the moment but when I've saved enough up/I win the lottery/marry a rich guy I'll buy that like for realzz. The list is long. Really long. *sigh*

On the 11th of May it was Mother's Day and my mom saw this amazing bag, which happened to be in sale for 40%. So to spoil her, we got it for her. And me. Like, that's an amazing bag. And you only realize the difference between a 10 euros bag and a bag from that standard is when you actually hold it in your arms. Stroking it. The same is with the tshirt, though. I try my very best not to drool on it. Like, my very very best. IT'S SO AMAZING!


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