by - May 12, 2014

Hey there party people! Today, precisely one year ago, I've blogged my first post on this thingy. Oh, how time flies when you're having fun... Thus I thought that this might be the right time to party p-p-p-party p-p-p-p-party!! But no for realzz, to honor this little momentum *ahum ahum* I'm going to blog a post everyday this week with the theme Nostalgia (sort of. Not really. I ain't got no time to do it properly, but hey, why not try when one can...).

Yesterday was Mother's Day and it made me think about how time has gone by. It reminded me of all those little silly things that has happened within a year (like this blog) and all those majure big ones that've turned my life, well not upside down I guess, but lets say that there was suddenly a hole in the ground and I'm yet trying to climb out of it... ya know. It made me think of all those years that are frankly just gone. Gone from excisting and therewith moments I treasure with all my heart. Everything gone with the wind. And maybe it's because they are "no more" that gives me the time to think about it and love it as much as I do. Because when it's there, in the moment, you don't see things as they are before or after that specific moment. During a moment you experience things differently than heading to the moment or when the moment's gone... which is ever. Because every single thing in our excistense, I think, is a moment. Not every moment is as memorable or grand or special as the other moment, but a moment is a moment and thus ought to be treated as such.

Every morning my dad tells me to make something of today. And it doesn't necessarily has to be something memorable or grand or special, just something. And every day I try my hardest to do something (I must confess: some days I put a little bit more effort into it than others, but it still counts!). So here I am. Doing something. Not so memorable. Not so grand. Not so special. But I am doing something, and that's all that matters in the end. We can't all be a unicorn made out of ice cream (but we can naturally always try. The journey is better than the destination or something... I don't know... whatever).

The word nostalgia is a combination of the two Greek words nostos (= recurrence) and algos (= sadness, pain, suffering). Nostalgia's mostly seen as something negative, because it's an act out of longing/desire for that what's past. Something that's lost for eternity and will never return like it was in that moment of time. And I guess that it doesn't take much deductive skills to find that the definition of algos isn't very uplifting. Feeling nostalgic is often related to things from our youth. For example school, old toys, old clothes, old friends, old everything basically. You name it! Its main focus mostly stresses on the carefreeness of those moments.

I've always thought that every moment derived from the past and that the routine of time comes and goes around. Life sometimes repeats itself and life sometimes gets the better of the situation (because we've learned from our past). Think for instance about the evolution theory by Darwin or the reincarnation of fashion trends that every so often within time repeats just the highlights from the trend it's referring to (like from really big 80's shoulders to slimmed down referring to big 80's shoulders... time has gotten the better of itself. Good on him! Or her! Or time! Yeah!). However, when you really come to think about it time is just weird

It takes the brain a few seconds before it's processed the surroundings, let alone on how we feel about it and how we can express it. In those few seconds we've got to assemble everything we need for survival. A few seconds doesn't seem like a lot of time but actually is a lot of time. Everything can happen in a few seconds! A few seconds can be vital! In those few seconds a bomb can go off! Luckily through the magic of television a few seconds can be spanned out over half an hour. Phew!

The brain needs those few seconds to be able to reference back and assess all the things it knows and what action needs to be taken in that particular situation. Hereby it recognizes or remembers the things that's been triggered by the surroundings and we can judge on who/what/where/when/why/how. This all is thus based upon our previous experiencess (may this be in real life or something you've read in a survival kit or just plain natural instincts. Like, I guess it's the green wire, because green means good, like green light is go... although if green means go and red means stop, than maybe it's the red wire... oh how I wish I'd read the handguide of television magic.. tik tok the time is up *boom* *sad face*). So, this made me think about now. What is now? When is now?

Now is something that's neither in the future or in the past. Now is the present moment, but going by the previous typed words, that moment has passed whenever we can acknowledge it as a moment (like, brain ain't fast enough to keep up with time, while time itself must I guess be invented by the brain). Thus now can be forever, because it's something that takes place in the present, that's set in the future and lays in the past. So how can we even define something as now if it's something that keeps to be overshadowed by the moment it happens?

Sneak peek for something I'll be posting later down this week: Old pictures from my phone. Yay.

I guess that now is more an implication of that what you process in those seconds and can consist out of minutes. Or even hours/days/months/years, because we always need something. We always need to breathe, our heart always needs to be pumping. It's a long term relationship that doesn't just takes up the past, the present or the future. We experience time as something solid, while actually it can be seen as something relative *insert Doctor Who quote here*. The past is there after we've processed the present, which is something we find in the future, but at that moment the future is already caught up by the now, which simultaneously is something that happened in the past. It's more an attitude than an indication of time, I guess.

What has this all to do with nostalgia ya'll might think. Well, you could say that nostalgia is also more of an attitude than an indication of time. Yes, you could say that! And thus Nostalgia doesn't have to be something negative because we get the better upon ourselves while time comes and goes around. We can refer back to big 80's shoulders because they were there in the first place. There's now this thing on Youtube where Youtubers (as the bunch is called) are cringing over they're old social media photo's. And I've certainly been there (am there), but I think those moments ought to exist.

After reading some old posts of mine (because you know I'm really vain and have too much time on my hand. Not. Atleast not the too much time part, the vain part, well...), I've noticed that I often use ones and once as synonymous. Which they aren't. And I know they aren't, but somehow when I'm writing a blogpost I just put all conventions aside and write. Badly. But who cares?! Well, I do. But I believe those mistakes ought to exist in the moments of time, because other wise I wouldn't be me, because what comes around goes around or something... I don't know... whatever.

So yeah, Happy New Year! May there be many more and I hope ya'll enjoy Nostalgia week...


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