by - January 09, 2015

All good things come to an end. So also my beloved Chanel foundation. *a single tear falls down my face* However, there's no time to mourn and a new aspirant is already there to try and fill the hole. Without succes. But as life goes, it will do. I'm talking about the Garnier BB cream Miracle Skin Perfector for combination to greasy skin in the lightest colour available (which is still like three if not four times too dark on my face *sigh*).

Now, I know that no product other than Chanel can fulfill the emptiness it creates. But times are hard, man, and I'd this BB cream just lying around the house without it being used. Atleast I'd try it out, amiright?

This is the only BB cream I've ever truly tried out and must say that the texture's a bit more loose and quite watery (before you know it, it'll slide down your face). This got a good thing and a bad thing to it. Naturally the lighter the product, the more 'breathier' your skin will be. But, as stated, this also most of the times mean that the product will fly of your face the moment you step aside the makeup table. However, a little bit (a bloody lot) of powdering is the remedy against such situations. Unfortunately for me I just ran out of my regular Mineral Loose Powder from the Hema and the Hema has been so kindly to update their collection, discontinuing my powder and therewith their current lightest colour being two tones darker than the old number 2 I mistakenly bought instead of the number 1 I needed back in the day... Thus, at the moment I'm stuck with a BB cream that's too dark on my face which I'm trying to save with a powder that's also too dark on my face, but which is fairly lighter than the BB cream. Just don't come to close to my face and we'll be fine. I hope.

Alright, lets get back to the BB. Besides it being the wrong colour and leaving the scene before even a murder took place, I quite like it. It's very nurturing and leaves your skin extra soft in combination with my regular face cream. It isn't the charming prince on a white horse, but I'm scared of horses. So...


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