by - January 10, 2015

Remember even though the outside world might be raining, 
if you keep on smiling the sun will soon show its face 
and smile back at you.
Anna Lee 

 Jacket: Made by my mum | Skirt: Charity shop | Blouse: H&M | Hat: Forever21 | Shoes: H&M | Tights: Primark

I'm trying out something new, as the adventurous person that I am. Instead of taking photos in the safe haven of my garden, I've taken a few steps outside to basically the garden outside of my garden. To be honest, it's very nerve wracking. Why is it that one second no one's there and when you turn the camera on suddenly everyone's there?! *shakes angrily fist into the air* Oh well, just look at that awkward posing and snowy landscape as if it's the cherry on top of the cream on a vanille milkshake... 


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  1. These photos turned out gorgeous and I love all the details of your outfit. That spider pin is such a cute piece and I really like the bow around your collar. I wish I were more brave to take photos out in public. I usually take my photos outside, but look for more isolated places. Whenever people start to appear I freak out and hide because I'm so self-conscious. So, good for you for sticking to it and taking such awesome photos.

    Sweet Helen Grace

    1. Why thank you very much for those kind words... Luckily behind me there are mostly trees, grass and cows. It's just very unfortunate that apparently the sound of me turning on my camera attracts so many bystanders. ;)

  2. You are absolutely beautiful! Plus, this outfit is divine! I love your skirt. I venture out every now and then to take photographs in public but it is a very rare occasion. I get super jumpy which results in a bunch of photographs of my face looking all screwed up and nervy. I find that it gets easier the more I do it but then if someone gives me a strange look I'm put off for months haha!

    1. Thank you! I'm miss nervous herself and I've got a bunch of pictures of me looking, well how to put it, tensed I think is the right word. I can't for instance look directly into the lense of the camera because my natural facial expression is fear and I look like a deer that's about to be shot down. Luckily the cows behind me in the grass don't judge... ;)