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1. Picture from the last show (autumn/winter 2014) by Frans Molenaar | 2. Yesterday I woke up with this artwork on my window... | 3. Happy birthday Jack!! | 4. Just loved this picture by Nina Leen.

This Monday the sad news came in about the death of Dutch couturier Frans Molenaar. Molenaar was 74 years old and about to start composing his 100th fashion show, which he sadly hasn't been able to finish. He and my mum actually went to the same Fashion school in Amsterdam (he naturally a few semesters earlier than her) and he frequently came to see the shows they'd made.

It's interesting to see how small things can change big things. The death of a couturier (which is naturally a biggie, but like, I didn't personally know him...), the work of nature on your window (which was just on mine, ALL windows were ice-free. Very weird indeed. A good weird, naturally. But still weird) and the aging of your dog.

I cried when I heard about the death of mr Molenaar. Especially because his PA told the newspapers that the day before his passing he assured her that he wasn't going anywhere yet. I mean, that's just sad... The same goes with happy things that makes you realize the sad thing that it entails. Yesterday was the 2nd birthday of the cutest thing alive (don't argue with me on that), which incidently means that exactly 3 months from now my grandma passed away (a very uplifting post this is, indeed. Sorry). And it's the most alienating thought to think that it's already been TWO bloody years since that happening (although happening makes it sounds -inappropriately- as something exciting, but in lack of brain capacity we'll just role with it...). It's so weird to think of something that's gone and still has so much, every day, influence on what I say and do and who I generally am.

Typing about things that are gone -an even more inappropriate way of trying to say what I want say- yesterday morning I woke up with the most beautiful frozen artwork I've seen in quite a long time. I now just imagine a signature being signed under the work by the wind as if it is no biggie (but it is obviously a big biggie).

It made me aware of the beauty that just lays there before our eyes. Or better said: it took me down from my thoughts and actually made me look at something since a long time. It's important to do that and stupid small things as 'ice on a window' can make you see things differently. I saw things differently that day (not anymore, but that day I did). It makes me want to go and explore the world (the world naturally being 'not too far from my house, but not my house...', the garden it is! (that's a joke which will probably be closer to the truth than to not the truth (I don't know how to use my words today, I'm sorry. Again)). But still a joke. haha. ha. ha.).

In other news:
I've watched a documentary about 80's Top of the Pops and am now obsessing over it, I've been moving bits and bops around in my room (I'm typing these words on an antique French table, OooOOoohh fancy (naturally I'm typing these words on a computer which stands on an antique French table, which is still pretty fancy)). I wish I could go shopping in Harajuku, but instead I've got a fun week filled with exams and papers and what not. Whoop whoop. (not as if I'd go shopping in Harajuku if I didn't had exams or anything. Just saying. GET REAL. Joke. Ha. ha. ha. (sorry)).


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