by - January 25, 2015

1. It's so cold! | There's nothing better in the world than a good cuddle with Jack... | 3. Didn't it snow. | 4. The one and only Gerard Way (who apparently got a hand fetish. But that's alright, he's famous).

I am Jack's raging bile duct.
I am Jack's cold sweat.
I am Jack's inflamed sense of rejection.
I am Jack's complete lack of surprise.
I am Jack's smirking revenge.
I am Jack's broken heart. 
Edward Norton (narrator), Fight Club, 1999 

I felt like a Jack these past couple of days (not to be confused with Jack the dog, naturally. I wish I felt like Jack (the dog). If only...). Exams are tough, man! Especially if they ask the wrong questions. I know the answers, believe me I do, but those questions are just all wrong!

Luckily I could set my mind free this Saturday from all the work and weather. Although not the weather. It's been freezingly cold and I'm so tired of it! In my head January means not only the beginning of a new year, but also the beginning of spring and sheeps and, ya know, not freezingly cold foggy weather with snow and rain and all that kind of jazz. I'm simply not having it! BUT, putting that all aside, I went to see Gerard Way in the Melkweg (Amsterdam) with my regular partner in crime Demi from Quite Special. I mean, no better way to do it, amiright??! Unfortunately the circus is yet to begin and the coming few months will be challenging. But in about two weeks I'm off to smile at Paloma's Faith face, so not all has been lost. ;)

ALSO I've finally watched the first episode of Grantchester and am totally in love...


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