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Happy New Year!

I wouldn't say that 2014 has been amazing. But it has been quick, so no real complaints here. It's been quite a tough year for me, or better said us, but it takes both sunshine and rain to make a rainbow, right?

A new year means a new beginning. Or atleast a new beginning of the year. ;) As tradition goes, a new year also means new resolutions (or lets face it mostly just old ones you've given up on through last year). I often find that the hazard of writing or saying resolutions out loud, is that once they are written down they turn into this sort of barrier you've got to climb (instead of an easy fart in your brain when you try to think of one). However, I don't think resolutions are a bad thing. They just take time (and as most of us probably have noticed throughout the years a lot of time). So instead of making a list of resolutions specifically targeted at 2015, I thought that it might just be a bit more helpful to write down some notes for myself that I can/should/ought to apply in every day life. Starting from now on, at the beginning of a new year, and just organically letting the list grow as days pass by.

When making this list I tried to incorporate the words spoken by Giovanna Fletcher in one of her Vlogmas-videos. Instead of writing down something ridiculous that I for sure can't stick to, I've tried to make it something that I can 'easily' apply to my life as it now appears to be. A resolution aka a firm decision to do or not to do something has no blurred lines to it. A resolution, as Gi pointed out in her video, isn't just something for January (and if you're really good, the beginning of February). No. A resolution ought to be a thought for life. Something you try to live up to till the day you die (in a less morbid way naturally, but you get my point). So what's the point in frustrating yourself with things like I will never ever do this again or eat that or whatever, because never ever is a long period of time. Instead of turning it into something negative (and something you for sure will break within seconds), you'd better turn it into something a bit more positive. Instead of telling yourself all the things you can't do anymore, turn the table around and make it into all the things you can do more of. As the example Gi gave us, visit your family more often. It's positive, it's something you can do more of and it's something you can apply to your daily life. You go Gi!

One thing on my list is taking more (meaningful) photographs, which I'll immediately apply to my life by taking up the 30 Day Photography Challenge over on my Instagram-account. We'll be kicking off with "a photo of yourself". I've not yet figured out how meaningful this will be, but it sounds like fun, so why not? Also, I've cheated a bit on my new philosophy, as I think that setting goals specifically targeted for this year might be helpful for me to actually get some shizzle done. This year for instance I really like to read more books (as last year was a total disaster regarding reading and related stuff), so this year I'll try to read 11 books till the end of 2015. AND I want to make at least 20 things with the medium that's called a sewing machine. It doesn't matter what it is, just if it is. I'll let you know how I'll be getting on with that...

Also for the curious reading this, here are some of my resolutions (in no particular order):

1. As my dad always says "Maak er wat van, niets is het al", which vaguely references to the famous Carpe Diem and translates sort of to "make everyday count" with the intential that you can shape the day as you wish (that you're in control of what you do). 
2. Get more involved with the "blogger-scene" aka commenting more on stuff. People like it, I like it, so what's holding me back? Except for, ya know, fear and stuff, which brings me to the next one...
3. Relax, take it easy. For there is nothing that we can do.
4. Get organized and have some fun.

So yeah, lets get this party started!


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