by - January 23, 2015

I love those kind of products that already work miracles after the first application, and doesn't let you down after using it for a longer period. And this is one of them bad boys.

I've got quite a few expensive bodylotions (two to be exact, which is basically the same right?) which I use solidly on my upper body. Because basically that's where I can smell it/enjoy it the most. Which incidently leaves my legs in a terrible state. And there is where the Nivea Soft Hydrating Cream steps in. Because I can't smell my legs and, well, they mostly just hang loose on my body, covered in clothes, I've chosen for a more inexpensive bodylotion that'll deal with that.

I've got quite dry and very sensitive skin, so I can't just smear anything anywhere. I've found that Nivea is mostly a good goer when it comes to hydrating and carefully handling my limbs. This specific cream is suitable for your whole body, face and hands. A real all in one product!

The texture of the product is very soft (as the name indeed suggests) and is easy to handle. It isn't very sticky and you'll be able to move around within seconds. It's very hydrating (as the name indeed also suggests) and it sinks into the skin very quickly. You don't need much to cover a lot of ground and it has a very subtle -almost iconic to Nivea- smell to it. My skin immediately looked and felt a lot better after the first application, and after using it subsequently for a longer period of time, I definitely noticed a big difference.

Nivea is a brand you mostly can rely on, and thus so is this product. It's parabens free, multifunctional and just a nice little something (or actually a big something, look at that jar!) you can use daily without feeling guilty. Or breaking the bank, which is also nice for a change. ;)


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