by - January 05, 2015

 Coat: Charity shop | Fake fur collar: H&M |  Hat: H&M

LOOK AT THAT SNOW! My oh my, it was so cold outside, but still I faced the weather and shot some pictures (how die hard of me). Snow always makes me think about the day we brought Jack home for the first time. It was snowing like crazy and Jack fitted on just one hand. We needed to wrap him up like a little burrito. Oh the memories... It's rather funny to see Jack strotting around the snow. He absolutely disapproves of it and tries to put all four into the air while simultaneously trying to escape the white stuff from hell. Poor thing. ;) All the snow has been long gone now, so nothing to worry about...

Also, little sidenote, that hat tried to leave me. My mum and I needed to chase him down the muddy field. The bastard!


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