by - January 30, 2015

While everyone's been talking about Farrah Fawcett's golden locks, I've been drooling over Jaclyn Smith's face. Her cheekbones are absolutely killing! It's no wonder that she enhances this quality to strung out our eyes. I've set up a quest for myself to find a good highlighter and bronzer. Two products I believe that've enlighten her beautiful bone-structure. This naturally doesn't guarantee that my cheekbones will be as killing as Jaclyn's (that's down to genes I'm afraid), but atleast I can say that I've tried...

I've never ever used bronzer before. So no better excuse for me than to snoop around many displays, looking at what they've got on offer. I've tested out quite a few and must say that I've stumbled upon two things. 1) Most bronzers aren't bronzers as they are sticky brownish stuff that doesn't in anyway looks complimenting on my face (more like I've eaten some chocolate in a very weird way). 2) I say sticky brownish stuff in the sense of it being orange. Why is almost every bronzer orange? It isn't Kingsday! Anyway... This may sound a bit mad, but I've been looking for a colour similar to brown sugar. Because I've noticed, when scooping some brown sugar into my tea and spilling some onto my hand, that brown sugar might just be the perfect colour combination for me. It's not too dark, but it still has some shine to it.

Eventually I've settled down on a certain price-quality proportion and made my bet. The one that I've chosen to experiment with is the Hema Mineral Bronzing Powder in #1. The product isn't very pigmented, which I for a change really like. Because of my fair skin you've got to be gentle with putting some colour upon it (especially if you haven't had any since the day you were born).

Currently I'm using a blush brush to apply the bronzer to my cheeks. I love how it looks in combination with my YSL Radiant blush. I first apply the bronzer and sort of mix the YSL in, creating this slight gradient of colour and topping it all with a nice highlighter.

The Hema Mineral Bronzing Powder is talc-free and unscented, which for me are two thumbs up. It has a moderate silky finish and is very easy to apply. If you want to go bronzer-crazy, this product isn't probably for you because of the low pigmentation. But for the faint-hearted this is, I think, a good product to begin with...


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