Antoni Miralda - Food Art

by - August 17, 2013

“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.”
Virginia Woolf

Today I watched this documentary about Antoni Miralda. Antoni Miralda is a multidiscplinary artist and is known for involving food into his projects. He says that not gold, but the "holy stomach" will rule the future. People listen to their stomach. You always have to eat. Life depends on it.

Miralda is somewhat of a food specialist and the social rituals around it. Former chef cook Ferran Adrià of three star restaurant El Bulli said: "He could've been a professor in anthropology of food. This gives his work weight. It is done not only to the aesthetic and the artistic aspect, there is also an important cultural significance".

He has an utopian and pragmatic attitude towards his work. His relationship towards food and its role is more obsessive than a fetich, he says. Although, if fetich means something that gets you up and influencing every step you make, driving you around and keeps you running, than you may call me a fetishist. 

He's fascinated by how multi cultural food is. He's quite the investigator and has seen, tasted and experienced it all. He tries to find a way for people to look further than their own existence. It doesn't matter where and when you were born, education and experience have the upper hand.

Miralda is known for combining simplicity with complexity. "It's his intention that his art is hard to understand", says partner Montse Guillén, "he says that people do not have to understand his work. They must be amazed".  

Miralda makes the celebration of the meal almost synonymous to life self. We're all afraid for oblivion, only Miralda lives in another dimension. Thereby he creates a dialogue between the artist and the beholder. Through this conversation he wants the beholder to realize that they are walking a certain path in life and how it all is connected by food. 


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