On My Own

by - August 06, 2013

Trousers+Vest: Made by my mum/Top: H&M/Necklace: From my Grandma/Glasses: River Island/Shoes: Van Haren/Bag: Efteling/Bracelet: Six

I don't like trains. Unfortunately my future day-to-day life is going to consists out of trains. Every morning and afternoon I'll be forced to make a train journey from home to school and vice versa. Not something I get thrilled by. In fact I've never been on a train on my own, until now... well... I sort of kidnapped my sister to go with me, because I'm too scared. But next week I'll go alone... maybe.

I tried to trick my mother to go with me every day of my future train journeys. Something like waving me away and picking me up. Sadly she declined. She said I'm old and wise enough to go on my own, "I mean even thirteen year olds go alone on vacation to the middle of nowhere. It's not like you're going to the other end of the world or something".

To make it all a bit more bearable I went for a 70's flashback. The 70's always cheer me up. I mean look at Farrah Fawcett's hair, it's magical!



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