Dove You!

by - August 13, 2013

Doves are like rebellious teenagers. They have wings, but often choose not to use them. And when they do use them, it's at the very very last moment. How many times I haven't almost stopped for a dove and it looks at me like "Ha! You sucker!" and flies away, is uncountable.

Not only do they prefer to get run over by a car, they also love to eat. No breadcrum is safe. I don't know if you've ever been to Amsterdam, but the doves there are quite aggressive when it comes down to food.

They of course do everything you say they're not aloud to do. Like pooping EVERYWHERE. They're ruining buildings, car paint and once in a while your favourite jacket.

This provoking behaviour needs no more explanation than that from a teen. Therefore I've put together an outfit dedicated to doves. They walk around like innocent creatures, but we all now that underneath evil is showing.

Dress: InWear/Blouse: H&M/Shoes: Panara


Sources: Picture 1

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