Barbecue With Vincent

by - August 11, 2013

Dress:Only/Bag+Sunglasses:Thrift Store/Shoes:Birkenstock

I wore this outfit about a week ago when I was invited for a barbecue on a camping site by one of my sister's friends (my sister obviously was also invited. It's not like she phoned my sister up asking if I could come. Like on my own. Without her. That would've been a bit cruel and weird).

I'd never been to a barbecue before, let alone a camping site, but I must say it was quite interesting. I'm never really good with people, especially when I'm not acquainted with them *excuse my victorian way of speaking*... and I really wanted to get some words out of my throat, but I couldn't. So I politely smiled to the semi-cool kids and sticked as glue to my sister. She's used to it.

I really like this dress, because the flowers reminds me of Vincent van Gogh. Not only because I wore it the first time we went to the Van Gogh Museum (they've done a renovation and I can't wait to see what they've changed). But the flowers are in some way alike the flowers he painted. They are quite melancholic pretty with a decorating touch. I like to think that I, during a barbecue on a camping site, am at least decorative.



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