Please Pretend A Magical Special Place

by - August 05, 2013

A few days ago I watched a documentary about Freddie Mercury. Near the end, one of the interviewees said that Freddie is a mystery. He was back then and he's still now. He created a world on its own. One of the reasons he did a cover of The Great Pretender, he said, is because he is a pretender. He adapted a persona for the audience and shared it in a world created by his own design.

It struck me that nowadays that's a mission impossible. Everything is connected and excavated before someone can shape it to their own ideas. I find that the bubble created back then is missing now. There's a great need to know everything about everyone all the time. I guess that's because everyone wants to be famous and the famous wants to be everyone.

Almost every television show is about searching for the new next big sensation. Almost every artist is releasing pictures of themselves doing "normal stuff" as a prove that they're perfectly normal. Except, of course, for the fact that there are millions if not billions of worshipers following every move they make.

So first, there's no magical special place because of mobile phones/internet/revolution. And second because the ones who are responsible for creating a magical special place don't want to be magical, special or a place. Well I think they do want to be, but at the same time they don't (to be or not to be, that's the question).

I must admit that it's a nice feeling knowing that famous people are just like non-famous people. However, I'm hoping that one silly person will pick up where we left it and create a magical special place of their own (without feeling the need to tone it down a bit with pictures of themselves doing the dishes or whatever). And I also hope we can let this person just be, without trying to destroy it. So back off paparazzi and let someone just fly away.


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