I'm Nervous Today

by - August 26, 2013

Dress: Marilyn Monroe Costume bought in a Thrift Store/ Cropped Top+Shoes :H&M/ Tights+Sunglasses: Wibra/ Ribbon: From a gift/ Button with "I'm nervous today": Gift from my mother

As the internet cliché goes, I'm missing some social skills. So first days of anything are nerve wrecking (especially first school days). Today was the start of something that ought to be a long running game, so I wanted to make a good impression. Unfortunately I can't get a word, not even a noise, out of my mouth when facing strangers. Approaching a group of jolly laughing strangers/future co-students is like the first steps to hell. dum dum duuuum

I honestly must say that I'm shocked that I sort of enjoyed myself. Which, after a dramatic intro, isn't what I had foreseen as an outcome. I've actually said things. Not at first of course. After approaching the jolly laughing strangers/future co-students, I find myself standing on my own (like, for quite some time). Then, out of the blue, this girl notices my shoes and says she has the same. Conversation time. However, the only thing I could sqeeze out of my mouth is "I like your shoes too". That's it. Nothing else. So she tries again, "How did you come here?". I'm stuck. Does she mean how I've travelled here or how I've found this particular school or... I go for the last one. All shivering and trying to find my words I stutter, what should've been a sentence, to her. End of conversation. Now I stand there uncomfortable, listening to their conversation and not participating at all. Saved by the bell, it's time to go inside.

Inside we're devided into groups, send into a room, getting talked at by the director of the school, getting stuttered at by sophomore students. And I like to believe that from there on I did reasonably OK. My button was a good icebreaker (I love it when a plan comes together). I even got some compliments, wich was weird because there were some "interesting" people walking around. Some looked like they just came from a 1993 Nirvana gig. And then there's me, trying to live up to my button...


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