I Should Rename This Blog: Pictures Of Me With Old Cars

by - August 13, 2013

Somewhere last week we went to a car sale annex museum. I find that older cars are very detailed, which is amazing to see. It gives you a feeling that they really had thought about it before making the car. As to nowadays I feel they pay more attention to what sort of technology they can add to it. Look, this car has a camera at the back so you don't have to look any more. And this car can park itself. And this car can make you delicious sandwiches with tea (or coffee, for you coffe drinkers who don't like tea. How can you not like tea? It's amazing stuff! You can keep the teabag in and if you wait for awhile, it looks just like coffee! Coffee drinker who doesn't like tea, you're weird). 

It was my goal of the day to find a car that matched my look... and I've got lucky. Two orange cars were waiting for me in suspense.

Blouse: Benetton/Skirt: Made by my mum/Shoes: H&M/Socks: Zeeman/Bag Primark/Sunglasses:Kruitvat
This truck was built in 1914 and used in the First World War as a troop transport. Which is like pretty cool and astounding that it's still standing here in this condition.

Oh, and we saw Pongo from 101 Dalmatians! Look at how cute he is, just standing around, getting pet by strangers calling him Pongo, while his actual name is probably something like King Alfonso III.

After drooling over old cars and Pongo, we went to the only not flat surface in the country. It looks so out of place that you can't believe it is so close to home. We saw loads of beetles. That was sort of cool and scary at the same time.

After a courageous walk upon the most steep hill I've ever seen in my life, we decided to call it a day. We picnicked beside the highway under a tree, where a beetle was harassing us and trying to get on our picnic blanket... I screamed like a high-pitched little girl, my sister tried to stop him with her shoe (which didn't work, because he just went around the shoe. Smart beetle). My mom had enough of it and demanded that my father got rid of the insect. So my father picked the beetle up and throw it away, which made us feel sorry for the beetle and hoped that he was OK.

And that's about it. Doesn't that sound like a lovely day out?


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