Hey, what did you got for your birthday? 
I got older.

This year my birthday present consists out of a big heap of clothes I've picked up from various charity shops in a brief moment of madness during the month of September. This heap has a fair share of coats and surprisingly no dresses (there weren't that many or any hanging in the charity shops I went to. Very suspicious indeed...). I love myself a good coat and do believe that there's no shame in owning one or more. More being the keyword here. Now I ain't got it from a stranger, my mum has been coat obsessed ever since the day she was born. I'm just keeping up with the family business. ;)

Typing the word coat into Google Translate gives you three different meanings:
1. Noun; An outer garment worn outdoors, having sleeves and typically extending below the hips.
2. Noun; An animal's covering of fur or hair.
3. Verb; Provide with a layer or covering of something; apply a coat to.

All definitions can be seen as a coat being something that adds as an outer layer. Coat in the first sense doesn't however just act as an outer layer. A coat, as in garment, can indeed be worn as something to protect you against for instance chilly weahter or rain. The amazing thing of a coat, though, is that one can also be worn as it being a fashion item aka a statement coat or as an it coat. These particular kinds of coats aren't for example chosen by its main quality of fighting off the cold (although in these temperatures it wouldn't hurt). No! A socalled fashion coat has the perks/looks of being very "of its time" very "now" very "fashiony". Fashiony naturally in the sense of fashion may as well be referred to as "a popular trend, especially in styles of dress and ornament or manners of behaviour". Now just skip those last two and what do ya get? A coat that's mainly been chosen for its cut and looks rather than its warming qualities... But who cares?! I may or may not be an expert, but something that pleases the eye is sometimes as important as the warmth it'll provide you with. Just saying.

The first coat to be found in coat-history is one from the Persians. This kind of coat was seamed fitted and the beginning of COAT-MANIA. Ever since the Persians there's been all kinds of different interpretations and types and styles and wording and whatnot for the coat. Being it an overcoat or an under-coat in the 19th century or the late 18th century knee length tailcoat or even the socalled lounge coat or sack coat in America that can also be worn as a jacket (the difference between a coat and jacket being that "a jacket is generally lighter, tighter-fitting, and less insulating than a coat". Just so you know). And that's just the tip of the iceberg!

It's almost impossible to make a chart of all the different coats that have ever excisted in history. However, a main starting point can be the fabric. As y'all probably are aware of, fabric is the key thing to everything. Mark my words (or more like word, but who's counting?) e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g. Fabric is where it's at, man! My love for winter coats isn't just a shout into the dark. The play on fabrics is partially higher on winter coats than on summer coats (partially naturally being the understatement of the year). Not to sound too dramatic, but just looking at my collection brings tears to my eyes. Every coat is so distinctively different in not only cut, but mostly in fabric. The fabric makes practically the coat and I just love how every single one of them has such a different atmosphere surrounding them. Basically I just really love coats. Amazing piece of clothing. How one has ever lived without... COATS!

I do believe that a lot can be explained about someone by solidly looking at their coat. Every coat has a different character. It gives you an insight into another dimension (or layer if you like). So if you'd be so kind to leave a comment behind saying what's your favourite kind of coat (and also preferably from what kind of cloth this wonder has been/will be made), I'll get back at you with my most solidly profound analysation that's in all ways very academic and professional and the whole truth and nothing but the truth, may the king of cloth be my saviour!* To give you a taste:

As much that I love coats, there's one that I'll always keep in mind. Now, when I was younger my mum made all of my (and my sister's) clothes. One season she'd made me an a-line dark brown coat with these sort of bubbles structure on it that stood outwards. It also had a pointed hood attached to it (a bit like a witchy-vibe kinda thing). It's been one of the most amazing things this earth has ever known. Naturally I got bullied for it (primary school kids just don't get it *snobby eyeroll***), but that coat was just very weird and very aesthetically pleasing. Amazing wonderful fabric and a sublime cut. Basically everything you've ever searched for in a coat. *sigh* Wish I still had it. Probably wouldn't fit anymore, but still...


*Disclaimer: Everything that'll be typed downstairs is NOT solidly profound NOR academic or professional. It may or may not be the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Also who's this socalled king of colth?

** The word "snobby" has besides its regular-everyday-boring meaning also a more exciting second definition (or that is atleast according to the Urban Dictionary). 

Snobby/Snobbby/Snobbee/Alfred. Neopets: Snobby (username: snobbby) is a benevolent being who, in his infinite majesty, bestows upon the purge forum great knowledge of the names which the purge approaches. Snobby wishes only for equality and justice. There are those who speak ill of the Snobby, but we do not heed their words, for Snobby has granted the folk of the purge forum many blessed gifts of names in return for our kissing up to him. Should you desire knowledge of a name approaching, simply ask it of Snobby, and he may see fit to grant your desire. 

Who comes up with this stuff??