by - October 13, 2014

Sometimes (I type sometimes but I mean ALWAYS) after I've gone to a charity shop and smell the clothes I've bought, I'm absolutely disgusted. I don't know why or how, but every charity shop has that same sickening smell. It doesn't matter where you'll go, it'll hunt you down everywhere. As if the charity shop owners all over the world have come to a mutual agreement that that's the smell they'll go for (in lack of better or basically anything remotely "nice"). And the thing is that when you're roaming through the shops, not much is wrong. A little bit teared up and maybe a runny nose because of all the dust, but other than that... However, when you get home all happy and hang your preys proudly away, then you'll notice it. That sickening smell. As if you've just bought a pile of dead rats. I know. Gives me the creeps too.

But not for long! Because I've got my clothing freshener ready! An actual life safer! without it I'd be lost. And smelly. My favourite clothing freshener is from Robijn in Morning Fresh.

Robijn is the biggest washing powder/fabric softener brand in the Netherlands. It all started with a soap factory called De Fenix which in 1964 got taken over by Unilever. Now Unilever is a whole story on its own. Basically Unilver are the producers of over 400 brands like Lipton, Dove, Knorr and as stated before many many more. I don't however know if they sell Robijn internationally (I know for a fact that they also sell it in France, because the bottle has French writing over it. So all the French people assemble, I've got a good product for you to buy! If needed naturally. Think about the environment...).

I prefer the Robijn clothing freshener above others mainly because of the smell. I find that many fresheners aren't as much as refreshing as they are a scented bomb. You spray it on, you get a terrible headache from the intense smell and within an hour or so it's vanished and the dead rats come back to life. While, as the name might suggest, Robijn's Morning Fresh is quite light on the nostrils. However don't underestimate its powers! You just need a few pumps and you're done. The smell stays put for a long time and besides giving it a smell, it also neutralizes the bad ones. So instead of flower bomb with dead rats, you get Morning Fresh with... maybe a cup of tea. Or coffee. With a croissant. Whatever floats your boat. The best thing though is that you can also use it on wool. I mean, that's me basically sorted!

So if you happen to live in a country where they sell Robijn (I'm still looking at you Frenchies) you could maybe check it out... Or not. It's your call. Also if you think that you can raise the ladder with a better freshener, please let me know!


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