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I swear by the makeup products from Chanel. Especially their lip-shenanigans are one of my taste! From lipstick to lipgloss, I'll put it on my lips and walk away with my head held high. My personal collection mostly exceeds on this high-end brand and thus I was curious for something else. Not too different, but something maybe a bit more purse-friendly. This brought me to Bourjois.

Bourjois is a brand standing strong since 1863 and is part of the same French Cosmetics Group as Chanel. Famously in 1924 Mademoiselle Chanel herself approached Pierre Wertheimer (the then owner of Bourjois) to help her distribute the most famous perfume ever #5 AND all the siblings after that (against a not so good 10% outcome for her).

Nowadays the Wertheimer's are still owners of everything Bourjois AND of everything Chanel. There has been quite some discussion about this. Mostly concerning the fabrication of their products. They've been accused of fabricating both products in the same factory. Hereby making Bourjois equal to Chanel, only with a purse-friendly figure stamped upon it. Natuarlly, as been stated long since these accusations: Chanel gets all the extra attention, the expensive ingredients and just basically a better packaging with two intertwined CC's on it which gives them the right to tripple the price, and Bourjois doesn't. Bourjois isn't equal to the quality of Chanel, but has been stated as a good and cheaper alternative. So lets get crackin'!

Before my hype for high-end I've always used lipsticks from Hema (speaking of this: my very first lipstick was a bright red one from Hema and was supposed to be a dupe for the Chanel one I wanted very badly but was -also back then- very expenisive. ALSO it's been said that the mascara of Hema is made in the same factory as that of Yves Saint Laurent. Now I'm not a big fan of YSL mascara, but if you are, you maybe should try and give the Hema one a go. Just saying).

While sampling all kinds of things upon the back of my hand, I got intrigued with the Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet. Now the reds were all kind of similar, but I thought that #01 Personne Ne Rouge! looked the nicest. Though I must say that the price, for a drugstore product, was quite high (higher than expected).

I got intrigued with the Rouge Edition Velvet because of the butter soft application of this wet sticky like -but not sticky lipgloss like- stuff. It smells very badly and it reminds me of finger paint. It does work like a lipgloss, I assure you. You smear it on your lips with a sponge applicator, as you do with normal lipgloss, and wait for it to dry, which you don't usually do with normal lipgloss.

As stated earlier, it feels butter soft on your lips and is still "wet" when you put it on. Within a few seconds it will mattify, giving you a velvet finish. Now mostly the thing with velvet finishes is that they can feel dry and uncomfortable. However this isn't the case with the Rouge Edition. You can feel that it's dried up a bit, but compared to the first application this isn't very remarkable in the sense of your lips shouting for water or anything of the likes.

I personally prefer two coats of these upon my lips so that the red is brighter and basically more in your face. However this makes the product also more sticky (more lipglossy, maybe). And you can't really make sharp lines with it. So the outer edges of your lips can end up looking like you've just eaten spaghetti bolognese.

For some reason I'm not quite sure if I do or don't like it. It stays put for a long time and doesn't wanders off after a few hours. Though for some reason I'm not blown away by them. Intrigued? Yes. But not mind blown or feel that this is "the new era of lipsticks". Or atleast I don't hope so. I'll definitely wear it more (even got complimented about it the other day), but I won't go buy it in different colours. I do like it, I do! But just not as much as I want to like them. I don't love them. It's just quite alright. Bit expensive, though.


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