There ain't no denying, I've got frizzy hair. Originally they're meant to be curls (wild ringlets if you like), but most of the time my hair goes a little bit crazy. So a friend of mine recommended me to go and use the L'Oréal Elvive Extraordinary Oil. And so I naturally did.

Now I've never really done anything with my hair accept for the normal wash. I never even blow dry my hair! Note: my blow dryer is still the same my mum used when she was my age. It only has two settings: 1) Scalp burining and 2) I'M ON FIRE!

The writing on the bottle states that it contains 6 different types of oils from rare flowers, which sounds quite impressive for a product meant for mass production. And, as I've later found out, isn't the whole truth. The product contains several different extracts, oils and most importantly silicones that aren't clearly mentioned on the bottle. Not as "pure" as stated.

At first I was a bit hesitant to go and smear some random stuff into my hair, but ya know what, why not? And after the first use I immediately noticed a difference. Not a big difference, but a difference. This got accentuated over the amount of days that I've used it and I was at some point quite contempt for its magic. However, I felt that it needed to do more than it was doing. So I asked my hairdresser for some advice and she recommended me the Goldwell Elixir Oil Treatment.

The first thing I'd noticed is that the Goldwell Elixir has a lighter formula, which I think is nicer to use. It contains Argan- and Tamanu oil which moisturizes, protects and repairs dry and damaged hair. Again, after the first use I immediately noticed a difference. It really helps to de-frizz my hair and, as typed before, consists out of a light product. You don't even feel it after putting it in your hair! While the Elvive weight my hair down a little and was quite a task to spread evenly, the Elixir is easy to apply. I also much more enjoy running my hands through my hair because it just feels so soft, almost silky... After not using it for a while I noticed a difference right away (and started using it again duh).

As y'all might've gathered, I very much do prefer the Elixir above the Elvive. I thought the Elvive was fine. Nothing special. No sparkles. No wowza. Just fine. But after trying out the Elixir I'd immediately settled and am currently using it like a mad woman (well, not at this very moment. At this very moment I'm lying in bed. Typing these words. Like a mad woman). However, there are some ups and downs to mention for both.

The L'Oréal Elvive Extraordinary Oil is (much) cheaper than the Goldwell Elixir Oil Treatment. Both contain the same amount of liquid (100 ml), but I feel that the Elixir will be more economical in use. I've used it regularly/almost daily for about a month now and you can just see that I've touched it. While the Elvive has a bigger (glass) packaging and after about a month I'm already half way!

All in all I must say that if you're looking for a good oil, whatever range, you should definitely opt for the Goldwell Elixir Oil Treatment. It really makes a difference! But if you're on a budget the L'Oréal Elvive Extraordinary Oil will just do fine. Nothing special. No sparkles. No wowza. Just fine.



  1. Very good review, I will have to give a go to the Goldwell Elixir. I have been using the L'oréal one for quite a while now and I love it too. Another hair product that is a bit expensive but all worth it, is the CHI Royal Treatment, Pearl Complex. Absolutely amazing and the smell is divine !


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