Look at those fabrics! 

Here's the long awaited fabrics haul for you lovers! (don't tell me you haven't thought about this all giddy since Sunday).

Last Friday my mum and I went to a fabrics market and bought some fabric. Nice and civil. Only that Sunday my mum (and my dad, but ya know...) went again to another fabrics market. And as you might've guessed, she was moonstruck and went a bit coocoo (a moderate coocoo that is, naturally. We've seen worse...).

This temporary madness has led to a certain colour pattern. So y'all know what I'll be wearing these coming days (I say coming days in the irony that I'm at the moment not even able to breathe and don't actually have time to write this post. As you might notice, I hold two fingers up to yesterday. Also today. Peace out (it's a joke, like, two fingers in the British sense of it and, like, the second reference to Peace out is, like, also two fingers, but, like, ya know... aha. Funny)).

Apparently it's quite hard to photograph fabric, so some *ahum* all colours don't really match with reality. Weirdly. But I trust on your imagination to think of everything being more pigmented in colour and such --Think primarily browns, orange-yellowy, greys and blacks with the occasional green. Also, darn you camera shadow! In other relating news: how nice of a texture variation we've got going on here! Can't wait to get sewing!


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