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For someone who's been wearing makeup from a very young age, I've just recently discovered the magic that's foundation. I say recently in the sense of two years ago. Before foundation I did use other products to conceal my face. Like for instance concealer, which I funnily enough don't wear anymore. I'm looking for one, though. So if you know a good one, please type it down in the comments and I'll go check it out! Thanks.

As to be deducted from the title, my first ever foundation related purchases haven't been modest. I always think that if you want to go for it, you should go for it! And so I did. Or actually my first playmate, the Yves Saint Laurent Youth Liberator, was a birthday present from my parents together with the Yves Saint Laurent Blush Radiance in #1 (a peachy colour). A very good birthday it was indeed.

The Youth Liberator gives you a medium to full coverage and is very lightweighted. However, it's that lightweighted that you need to seriously do some powdering if you don't want it to leave after a few hours. And still with all that powdering the product keeps feeling very floaty and soft. This may be due to the "built in" skin-care. That's right, the Youth Liberator has got this sort of youth serum in it (the Glycanactif complex or something idk) which "allows the youthful skin clarity to brisk up and creates a more even skin tone". Naturally it's also armed with an anti-aging serum and it's got an SPF 20. So that's all good fun.

I've been quite satisfied with the Youth Liberator. It looked nice, smooth and even on my not yet so wrinkled face I could feel a clear difference in shape. It's however, without powdering it, gone with the wind within a few hours. But after it's left your face your skin feels very soft. My only most serious complaint is that it didn't matched my complexion. I find that all colours are quite yellowy-pigmented. In the store I thought that it was'nt going to be a problem (I've used the lightest shade #20 Beige Rosé). However in real life you could quite clearly see that it wasn't a match made in heaven. Yet with some already necessary powdering it still looked quite good, if I may say so myself.

At the moment I'm using the Chanel Perfection Lumière Tuint Fluide in the lightest shade #12 Beige Rosé (that's right! Same name, different number. Confusing? Just a little bit... And yes, I've double checked it). I find that this Beige Rosé has more pink in it than the YSL one, and therefore more suitable for my skin colour (although not just yet. I really want to try out Chanel Le Blanc as I've heard you can do various of things with it. One thing being to brighten up your foundation. If only the price was a bit brighter...).

The Perfection Lumière has got a SPF 10, is oil free and doesn't contain a magical youth serum. However, it is "a perfect correction of all kinds of imperfections". They've even conducted a clinical test on 20 women whereby there was a 52% decrease in red and brown spots and a 65% increase in smooth complexion. So no 100% but still quite impressive. The nice thing is though that it's also true! For me that is atleast. They can bother 20 women as much as they want to, but it's basically meaningless when it doesn't do it for you. But luckily it does! I can't give you stats, but looking at a selfie I've made last year and a selfie I've made today, there's definitely a clear difference!

What I love about the makeup by Chanel is that it's all very buildable. You can go for a very sheer coverage or for a full coverage (or everything in between naturally) and it doesn't go cakey. Also I love that you basically don't feel a difference between when you do your foundation sheer or full coverage. The product self is very light and easy to work with. I always use two pumps and go back in on any blemishes when needed AND you don't see a difference! In the positive sense of that it blends very easily and you can touch up where needed and it just smooths out very neatly.

Also, most importantly, it stays put for a very very long time. It doesn't move! At the end of the day it looks precisely the same as you've left it that morning. And that is without powdering it! Again, quite impressive...

Both foundations are naturally not known for their low prices. But I believe that both are justified spendings. You get a good solid product in a very luxurious packaging. Both bottles are made out of glass and look absolutely lovely on your dresser. The downside to glass is naturally that they aren't very suitable to travel with. Now I never take my makeup out for a walk (except for my lipsticks), but when I went to Paris I didn't dare to bring my Chanel with me and had to use this BB cream. Now if you're talking about yellowy-pigmented, that was yellowy-pigmented! And way too dark for me! Come to think of it, why didn't I just pumped some drips of it in a little container or something?? Thanks brain, you think of that months after we went. Very useful...


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