Or actually when my mother took a picture of it, but I'm sure you all can forgive me...

Coat: Charity shop | Belt: Somewhere in Germany | Scarf: Used to be my grandma's | Dress that was sold in the charity shop as a coat but I think it's atmost an undercoat and more of a dress kind of thingy. idk. Whatever floats your boat: Charity shop | Jeans: H&M | Shoes: H&M | Rings: Gift from aunt | Left arm - Skull bracelet from a very weird shop in Amsterdam, Weird black bracelet was a gift from a friend of mine. It's from Africa and is made out of the hair of the tail from an elephant (fancy, I know), White bracelet with saints pictured on them from V&D and coloured bracelet was a gift from Demi from Spain (again fancy, I know) | Right arm - Silver Good Luck bracelet from the Potstal and this tattoo bracelet which used to be my sister's but I've stolen it for obvious reasons. Twas in her possesion since the craze for it in the 90's. Too bad I've lost mine... I also had a rainbow coloured necklace like that. Oh well...

Before I really start this post (owh yeah, more words are soon coming your way!), I want to tell y'all a funny story. Once upon a time I was innocently dressed like this when two woman on the train began to talk about me in the most obvious way (I know for a certainty that they were talking about me because one of them said, and I quote, "Look at that girl with that big black coat and that green scarf". I was the only one wearing a big black coat with a green scarf. I've checked). So, these two woman were talking about me on the train and I could overhear them with my music plugged into my ears. They said that someone dressed like me is just graving for attention and all that kind of bullocks. But the funny thing to this story is that they were 1. going on about it for the whole journey (that's about 40 minutes). I mean, come on! I've acknowledged that you disapprove of my clothes, move on alright! A boring life you lead when talking about my appearence should occupy you for about 40 minutes. In fact, it's a bit sad really... And 2. when I looked at them they put their hands before their mouth but still talked at the same volume... that's just, I hope you don't mind me saying, stupidity. And they lived long happily ever after. The end.

I initially wanted to name this post OOTW with something catchy attached to it. However, after showing my mum the OOTW thing she looked at me like "really? OOTW?". And I know exactly what she means. I don't really think I'm an OOTW kind of person or even an OOTD. Initially this terminology confused me very much and I do believe that I was very hesitant before joining the bandwagon. But I wanted to be down with the kids, I wanted to be hip and hop and, well, recognizable in some way. And naturally the stupidest thing to do if you want to be recognizable is to follow the crowd. However, one can sometimes find comfort in the big crowd when not directly facing them. It's what they all do! The terminology of today! What else can one do than to try to make it your own? I've tried. I've failed. Time to move on.

Dress: InWear | Leggings: Pieces | Shoes: H&M | Hat: Charity shop

Now don't get me wrong, I'm not against OOTW's or OOTD's or any OOT's for that matter. I just think it isn't right for me. It naturally comes very handy when for instance on Instagram (same goes for fbloggers and bbloggers and lbloggers and all the other kinds of bloggers. Side note: What do food bloggers use as a hashtag? I mean, the obvious f has already been taken...). Whenever I use a hashtag I see a serious increase in likes (do they call it likes on Instagram?), that goes way beyond just my mother giving it the thumbs up (same question...). It helps me in someway sharing my content to a bigger audience, which is sort of the intention of it, I think.

Cropped jumper: Knitted by me | Dress: H&M | Tights: H&M | Shoes: H&M | Fedora hat: Primark | Necklace: Gift from my dad (I also think I was wearing my aunt's rings, but you can't really see in the pictures. But ya know, the appearance of them hasn't changed since the last pictures).

I've been wondering lately if the hashtags that I use gives me a certain position (and therewith a certain non-position) in this "blogger world". I wouldn't specify myself for instance as a fblogger or bblogger or lblogger, but I do use those tags when wanting to "promote" my stuff. Foremost I think I'm just a person sitting at home, typing some words in random order and then putting it all on the internet for everyone to gawk at. It's in some way more a matter of vanity. Just admit it. In some way, deep down, you think your blog's different from all those other millions if not billions of blogs. If not than you should probably ask yourself the question why? Why are you blogging? Now this also doesn't in any way mean that you shouldn't be able to blog if you don't know why (why is a very aggressive -almost Shakespearean- question. Why? W-h-y? WHY?? WHY?????).

I don't think that my content is as shocking or fresh as it could be. The main "new" thing I'm bringing to the internet is my face. Now I don't know if you should be happy with that, but it is something different I guess... So yeah. Do you've got any thoughts? Like, I'd like a cup of tea now... Jk. I also bring some "jokes" on here whereby I'm the only person who laughs at them. Ha. Ha. Ha. Funny... But for realzz, I really like a cup of tea now, thank you very much.


P.s. Confession: The face I'm showing you here isn't the 100% truth. The following is the truth and nothing but the truth. I'm sorry for disappointing you. I've got about a thousand of pictures like these. It's always hard to find a somewhat decent one... As you can see, I'm a natural poser.

I'll tip my hat for that... quite literally. Ha. Ha. Ha. Seriously, who writes this stuff? It's brilliant...


  1. I love the way you style outfits! So neat! :)


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