Me: Is it bad of me to already have some things listed for next year's birthday?
Mum: Yes.

Luckily for me the holidays are coming (and maybe so is for you!). I've been eyeing on quite some things recently until it hurt, so I thought to share this little list with y'all to lighten the pain. Who knows, maybe I win the lottery one day. *fingers crossed* *touch wood* But meanwhile, come and join drooling with me! (if that doesn't sound appealing, than I don't know what does).

In no specific order:

1. Stay Home Club
"We are a club that never meets, but a club nonetheless."
My heart skipped a beat when stumbling upon Stay Home Club. Their design is quite minimal but I think very striking. Basically I want it all. I'm in love. I want to be a member. asap. I mean, just look at it! Don't you think my body popping out of one of their garments is what the world needs?? Like, for instance this tshirt and like, ya know, with this tote bag (which is brilliant) and maybe a nice big pin to compliment it all. And this card. Just because. I think it might just be the answer for world peace... The Club is based in Montreal and "shipping to you, wherever home is". Just... give me a moment...

2. No Fun Press
"Negativity is our speciality."
I found No Fun Press through Stay Home Club and am specifically brainwashed by this tshirt and this jumper. Oh, and this beanie. Just saying.

3. LunatiCK Cosmetic Labs
Now I must be honest with y'all, the first thing that drew my attention to LunatiCK Cosmetic Labs has been their makeup palettes. It's a freakin' coffin! How cool is that?! And the mirror inside the palette is a bat and it's just perfect! And you know what else is perfect, besides their gorgeous colours, all is 100% vegan, cruelty free and talc free. I mean, I like my stuff to be free so that's quite nice indeed. I'm personally very into Relic and Supernatural (bonus: super duper cool names). AND if you wish so, you can customize your own coffin! I mean, that's all what a girl wants really...

4. Lime Crime
Lime Crime Makeup is another, a more well known, makeup brand that produces cruelty free cosmetics. I've got quite a list for them, naturally starting with their new Venus palette. Then naturally I like myself some Velvetines. I love the colours Salem and Wicked. Oh, and while I'm there I also want Black Velvet and Red Velvet. I naturally can't leave without showing some love to the Unicorn lipsticks. Serpentina looks absolutely magical in my opinion, as does Glamour101. I also really like the more nude yet never seen before colour of Coquette and somehow I'm really attracted to Mint To Be. And add Cosmopop also to the list, thank you very much.

5. Ladybird Likes
I'll just type wooden butterfly collar clips/brooch, wooden vintage fashion lady brooch and birds. Good looking birds. And I think y'all know what I mean (also, just take a look at their prints).

6. Flapper Girl
I love myself some neckwear and Flapper Girl provides you with something exciting called Lady Ties. And there are definitely some beauties to be found over on her Etsy store! I myself am a big fan of this dotted brown one, this green zig-zaggy one and just look at this one. It's got mushrooms on it! Absolute winner.

7. Doc Martens
Now I don't own any Doc Martens and I really want to because they look good on most feet and I think it'll also do so on mine. So... I'm especially intrigued with these Polley shoes. Arent they just cute and tough at the same time? Will definitely compliment an outfit. Hell! Why even wear an outfit if you've got those shoes! Just go commando and you'll still get complimented for them (after my naked body has blinded them forever. Soz.)

8. Rookie Yearbook 3
Rookie Yearbook 3 is out! Tavi Gevinson and gang has done it again! So I mean, what else has human kind to do than to drool all over it and try their best to get a copy for their own purposes? Nothing, really. (note: try to get one where someone hasn't drooled upon. Like, gross).

9. Thinking About It Only Makes It Worse: And Other Lessons From Modern Life
Not yet out but will be on the 6th of November this year: A new book from mr Mitchell himself (this is the David Mitchell who's in Peep Show and things, not the novelist or the former Tory MP). I really like David Mitchell and read his other book Back Story in one breath. David, I may say David, has a very easy way of writing and as often said a "refreshing amount of common sense". In this book he'll be pondering about such important matters as: What's wrong with calling a burglar brave? Why are people so f***ing hung up about swearing? Why do the asterisks in that sentence make it okay? Why do so many people want to stop other people doing things, and how can they be stopped from stopping them? Why is every film and TV programme a sequel or a remake? Why are we so reliant on perpetual diversion that someone has created chocolate toothpaste? Is there anything to be done about the Internet? I mean, what else do you want?

And that's it! For now atleast... If you happen to stumble upon something you think is worth your drools, please share with me! I'm always looking for more cool stuff to reminisce about while looking at that singular round shape pictured on my bankaccount.


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