A Scandal In Belgravia

by - July 05, 2013

Oh, and how scandalous it was! From head to toe in H&M... the nerves! Normally I try to avoid such occasions. In the mayhem you can end up looking like a walking advert. However I didn't planned it, but it sort of rolled out of my head this way... and I sort of liked it (oh no she didn't!). Hopefully this inconvenience won't show again, or I really should start to consider a job in advertising...

Yes Benny, I'm as shocked as you are!
In other news, I've disected my arms from my romp. NOT MINE, mind you, the sleeves from this blouse... also from H&M (I see a theme coming up). It's a project in process, so keep your eyes on that. Or not.

Accompanied with a low quality picture, as always.

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