Don't I Look Happy? Happy, Happy, Happy...

by - July 29, 2013

Shirt: Only/ Skirt+Shoes: H&M/ Bracelets: the coloured one was made by one of my friends and the brown ones were from a euroshop (facial expression not included)
I could blame the weather for my facial expression, however this one was taken waaaay before the temperature rised. It is funny how you can pose and think "this going to be a good one", and then look back at it and think "BURN IT!". The same is with clothes. You put something on and think "I'm absolutely brilliant", but after you've posted it on the internet (as you do) and actually look at it intensely, it's just a dress or just a tshirt or whatever. Sometimes these thoughts bring me down, but than I think "What of it? Yeah it's 'just a tshirt', but it's a bloody good one!". Do you know what I mean? Or no scrap that. Look at the picky picture... funny face.

I´m afraid I've let myself go a little tiny bit. Sorry. I will stop right about... now. No. Now.


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