Shuffle On

by - July 02, 2013

The fun thing about technology is it's way to surprise you. A perfect example of this is the line-up of songs made by your iPod after pressing “Shuffle”.

I bet most of us just skip any of the suggestions, until we hear the melody of the song we've been listening to for like 24/7... until we of course get bored of it and go stalk another song (can you stalk a song? Well from now on you can...).

However, sometimes you can resist the existence of the skip-button and actually listen to the content it provides you with. Often you experience the side-affect of taste (clarification: no taste). But you'll survive the cultural shock, because it's more frightening when the machine just gets you. And today was a lucky day. I'm very proud of my little machine and therefor I declare that we all must, from time to time, just listen to the music...

So to celebrate the foundation of a Cybermen-society, I've put together a little songlist. In the hope that one day you won't skip it away.

The Playlist Against Skipping


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