The Legend Of Morse

by - July 04, 2013

Already from a young age I've been admiring British superheroes on tv. Mainly because my mum is somewhat obsessed with every television production made around the UK. However, this quality brings a lot of joy into our living room... and dead bodies.

One of our newest catches is the most amazing Endeavour. Endeavour is the prequel to the Inspector Morse serie (like only made 12/13 years after its last episode, but I'm not complaining). The young Morse is played by Shaun Evans and Shaun Evans has that classical British posture we all love.

The filmwork is quite darker than with the Lewis-serie, but I find the moody feel very appropiate to the story, the setting and the period Morse goes through. Besides, the scenery is picture perfect. I've been to Oxbridge ones and, surprisingly, it really looks like that.

Oh, and the clothes! It's all set in the 60's, do I need to say more???

You can see that there's been a lot of thought into the dressing, but it's not a forced look they've created. The girls are hopping and bopping around like it's their second nature. Even those with no lines could work the show... boss around in their mini skirts and mini dresses and cardigans and striped blazers and tweed trousers and perfection.

BUT with all these distractions, your eyes keeps looking at our own chap. Shaun really steels the show and he's mastered those little movements that makes life... if you know what I mean.

I honestly believe that British series contain more think work and gives you a more wholesome feeling after watching. They are more critical and can give you a different look into the world through your own eyes. They just let you think, I think.

So if you feel up to something life changing and inspirational. Go watch Endeauvour!


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