I Say “Blue”! You Say “What”?

by - July 02, 2013


No not the colour! The boyband! You're so out of N*Sync with me (been dying to make that pun. Now I've done it... It feels great). 

Duncan, Lee, Simon and Antony debuted back in the summer of 2001 with All Rise. A catchy song about a break-up. However there would be no breaking up in the coming four years. As a fact, it was just the beginning of their career in the business (therefor they “debuted”).

With their “UK style, UK flow” they conquered the world and thereby my heart. Number one hit after number one hit... everybody was feeling the (one) love.

They were the perfect resemblance of the 00's styling guide for guys. Matching, soft, edgy and a great treat for the eyes. 

At the top of their career they decided to launch their personal projects and put Blue on a low heat. Within a short period solo-albums popped out of the ground. But no worries, everyone took their timedid some stuff and eventually turned their car around.

They made a startling comeback with a, what could be a power ballad out of the 80's, song. Representing the UK for the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest (don't judge. It was very enjoyable. Well, Blue was. The rest was a mere pittance. As always.).

This year they've released their fourth studio album. So are you ready to rumble for another couple of years? Well I am. Although I'm saying this without being in the posession of their new stuff. Heard “Hurt Lovers”, though. That's some good stuff (I'm a bad fan).

Also, talking fashion, they've upgraded their appearance. Matching, slick, cool... and a great treat for the eyes (some things never change).

Blue is the only boyband that makes my heart pump louder. Their beat is different from the other mangroups. Except for “U Make Me Wanna”. The cheesiness will hunt you down in your sleep. Be warned!

My guilty pleasure is to watch their tour-dvd's and melt away. Doesn't that sounds like fun. Fun, fun, fun.



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