The Great Gatsby (The Book. Not The Film. Haven't Seen The Film Yet. Is It Any Good?)

by - July 09, 2013

Mr. Jay Gatsby's parties are well known in town. Not only his mysterious dark side, but his tendency to live life in the past, brings death close.
When the glamour and excitements are over and there's nothing left than a dead body, you'll discover the cruelty of a fast life. His heritage is nothing more than a long lasting rumour. Only the ones who know (objectively) the truth, can talk about “The Great Gatsby”.

I must admit, after reading The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald, I couldn't understand why it was categorized as a classic. It all felt so empty and superficial. No one was written to be liked. After some research I realized that thats why it's so great. It reflects a time where it's all about the surface and we don't look behind the curtain. We don't want to, because when we look at ourselves with full consciousness, there's always something unpleasant. So why not keep it cool and easy?

The flapper dress is a perfect example of this attitude. Burn corsets and go for some fresh air. Party all day and party all night, because there's no way we can escape to paradise by confronting the morals of our excistence, ey old sport?

Gatsby is the man to be. Not only his “shady deals” but his unendless love for the married Daisy, brings trouble into town. When Nick establish himself as the new neighbour, he does not know where he's getting himself into. Pursuided by the life of glamour, he finds out that old wounds cannot be cured by living in the past.

So do not live in the past and do not try to bring back that what was. It will never return the same way and it probably will end in tears. Beside that, never cheat on a polo playing husband, because he will kill your so called lost love.


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