Doing It The American Way

by - July 04, 2013

The 4th of July is for me and many more just another day in our happy-pappy life. However when you're American, the number 4 combined with the month July means a whole lot of magic (a.k.a. Independance Day: the day America became independent... sort of speaks for itself).

Because nowadays everything is so well connected with eachother, I felt like joining in. Why keep something good to yourself when, you know, you could share it with me???

I'm a natural poser...
Blouse: Part Two/ Legging: Unknown/ Shoes: H&M/ Sunglasses: V&D/ Bracelet: Charity Shop
Unfortunately I'm not feeling that well, so I went with an easy-peasy look. I put on some leggings combined with a white blouse... it's as easy you gonna get. To give it an “all that American”- feel, I'm wearing not just any kind of leggings, but my American flag leggings... bought in Germany... made in the UK... because that's logical. So yeah, everything looks quite unconcerned and that's the way we like it!


Quoting my mum: “Easy is just... easy”. Thanks mum, you've spoken very eloquently. Couldn't come up with that myself ;).

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