The Duck & The Cadillac

by - July 27, 2013

Yesterday my mom and I were cruisin' around, when suddenly I saw this beautiful car hangin' around the corner. I somewhat demanded her to stop and take a picture of me and the car. However, it was raining cats and dogs and my mum wasn't that pleased to step out of the car. Luckily she's a smart lady and thought of a water tide plan:

1 She stays inside the car
2 I make a run towards the Cadillac
3 She opens the window
4 I make a pose
5 She takes a picture
6 I run back to the car, get in and we'll drive away like nothing has ever happened...

Shirt: Aprl Evil/ Skirt+Headband: Made by my mum/Shoes: H&M/ Socks: Zeeman


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