With Love... Karl Lagerfeld

by - July 31, 2013

Chanel. Nothing more. Nothing less. And yet a thousand images runs through your mind. The most luxurious creations with titles as the jacket, the bag, the perfume and so on.

Of course I can't afford the jacket or the bag or... well I'm the very proud owner of n5, but you get my point. It's not something I'm simultaneously going to buy, because let's face it: it's freaking expensive. That's of course the charm of it all, isn't it? It's not something everyone has... and it doesn't hurt to dream about the day the jacket or the bag does arrive at my house. But until that time (in a far desired future), you can undertake some action yourself.

First you could buy a book or magazine with all the Chanel deliciousness. I recommend the July edition of the German Vogue - some highlights shown below.

Next, if you're a creative crocheter, you could print the CC logo (shown below) and cut it out. Then you take 4 sheets of graph paper with 1cm by 1cm blocks and stick these together with for instance scotch tape.

Take the cut out and lay it in the middle of the 4 sheets (that are now reunited to one big sheet) and trace it. Now you make a cross through every block within the logo. You fill it up until you've got the CC shape... you are ready to rumble!

I've counted every block as two (so for one block you count two sideways and upwards). You can make almost anything around this. For example a blanket, gilet or a shawl. I've gone for the last option. To make it all a little bit more special you could add some pearls.

As a last resort you could always concede to your feelings and go for something with the label Chanel on it. I've chosen for a beautiful peachy coloured lipstick and black mascara.

To make it all a little bit more grand: wrap it up!

And if the need is really really high, you could always combine the above! succes garanteed!


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